Grundlæggerne af Rawbite

Rawbite, a company built on a raw philosophy

Rawbite was founded in Denmark by Morten, Nikolaj and Rolf.

The idea behind Rawbite was to create a simple, honest and healthy product easy to bring along and enjoy anywhere. This idea resulted in the organic fruit and nutbite, Rawbite.

Since the first Rawbite was created on the kitchen table, the interest for the product has not stopped growing in Denmark, as well as in more than 30 countries where Rawbites are now available.

Everything in Rawbite is driven by simplicity, joy and enthusiasm for the product.

Even though the kitchen table can no longer fit the production, recipes are still developed here and no one stops until the taste is amazing.

The product itself is created with the utmost respect for the natural ingredients which are processed as gently as possible.

Morten, Nikolaj and Rolf met by chance but they are all convinced that they were brought together by fate to create a simple and honest product, making it easy for people to add a tasty bite of health to their lives.

Enjoy every Bite